Thursday, May 28, 2009

Travis and Alessio

My brother and Loli came with Alessio. Her are some pics of the cousins

Here we have Ale and Travis ready for a snack. Ales love for eating seems to have rubbed off on Travis as he usually hates food but within the space of a week he has now gotten the concept of eating. At last!

watching Travis' new favorite video - Super Why

Saturday, May 23, 2009

First time at a beach

We went out with John and Joy to the nearest rocky mountain slash beach. Its beautiful but very dangerous to bring small kids. Thankfully Travis is still little so he can be carried and doesnt get too far when he crawls.

He is usually terrified of cold water in his bath time and shower time etc,.. Surprisingly enough he loved the cold beach waters, he was a perfect angel the whole time and wanted to throw himself in completely
We got to tan (*sunburn) nicely while travis slept in the shade. All in all it was pretty good time. Here are some cute photos of the sweetie.

Grandpa John

He wanted to go on his own

he ended up naked and loving it.
New sensation
Doing it the grown up way.
With Grandma

Happy as always

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The many faces

I don't know if its normal, or if its a mixture of his teething, growth spurt, daddy's genes and whatnot, but it seems like lately he is really testing his boundaries and seeing how far Ill let him go. I find it hard to do anything but keep him entertained and not hurt.

The quote that is stuck in my head right now: The gift of a life often gives you the gift of having No life.

Below.. My rascallino
He loves this

He actually almost holds himself all by himself.

Timmy preparing for the seminars.
Travissino is happy to be with daddy for a little while

his attention to daddy doesnt last too long once he sees the camera.

hmm.. these might keep me happy
they fit just perfect in my mouth
oops...okay christina you can have him

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Day Out

Me with mommy and Lyllee
Uncle Dyllan
Dyllan gave me my first taste of ice cream and I made quite a mess of myself

Grandpa and Grandma

Uncle Daniel being foolish

with my favorite uncle funcleI have a thing for bottles, especially beer bottles
This is mommy's most and daddys least favorite beer

Dyllan, Lyllee, Grandma and Daniel

Monday, May 04, 2009

Alot more Travis

Besides crawling backwards at a fast pace. His new thing, well his old thing actually is thrusting his pelvis back and forth in a humping like fashion, then propelling himself forward. Everyone thinks its rather funny but am hoping he soon learns the proper way to crawl

His crooked smile
How he loves his grandpa
My Sweetie