Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Travis Birthday

A lucky day indeed

To Travis:
My beautiful, naughty, adorable child.I love you more then anything in this world. I would walk over fire for you, give up my legs, even jump out of a plane to help you. I am amazed by how much you can love something so small. I never thought I could love someone as much as I do you. You haven't always been the easiest child.... although your enthusiasm and love of life can be tiring for me, its also amusing, entertaining and a whole lot of fun! You are full of emotion. Your smile could light a universe. Your laugh is so contagious that I cant help but laugh with you! No matter what you do you will always be mine, and my heart will always be yours.

Happy Birthday my cutie

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family reunion in Spain

So here I am blogging once again. Below are some pics of our family reunion held last month.
Was cool seeing all of you after sooo many years.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Sunday and Other Fun stuff

I uploaded the wrong video here, heh!

Daniel, Claire and Arthur

Looking very happy
Travis and Evyln, both the same age
John and Joy
Mike and Dyllan will be leaving us to go to the States, we are sure going to miss these guys, or whatever they are trying to be here. The home will be just a liiittle bit boring without them.
Flabio...Peter and Rachels youngest

So life has been good as we have managed to make it. Timmy no longer is going to the states which I'm secretly very thankful for. We still don't know what we are going to do, or where we are going to go but thats what is supposed to make change so exiting, according to Tim. I'll be posting some more videos when I can get around to it. TTFN (been watching tigger much=)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mini family reunion and other happenings.

I posted these pictures on Facebook, but for those of you who dont go there, Im posting them here.
Alot has happened these past months (January). One of the cool things has been my dad visiting us, We havent seen eachther in 20 years and since then he has gone through a lot of things in his life, some really major . It really broke my heart to hear of what happened these past years, but despite all that happened to him he remains positive and very sweet. I got to brush up on my rusty Spanish which was cool. Anyway, here are a few photos of our mini family reunion.

Below: David, Travis, my aunt Amparo, me, and my dad.
Travis with his new Grandpa
Amparo making paella with some of our home members

Other happenings

Timmy has a job...he is basically a contractor for a gas company. Doesnt sound too exiting but at least its something as jobs are pretty hard to find nowadays. We are saving up to start open our own (smaller) home.

Below are some random photos from the early January. Mainly of Travis, as you can see....
Tra actually looking all fat here, (*pray he starts eating)
Tra with his favorite person

Here comes ''Travis the Terror'' (courtesy of Vitor)
Oh yes, loves loves the guitar

Cati and Timmy
bothering his uncle funcle
both were cute

The Goodbye dinner for Soph

Sophie who stayed in our home for seven months left for Canada. She was very sweet and cool during her stay here, We miss her and and ... and here are pics from her last night here. I couldnt be there as I had to be with Travvy who was not feeling well.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is ready for change.....but no pennies please.

Haa, ahem, okay so that wasnt so funny but seriously, sorry for not updating. Between our useless internet connection and pulling my hair out trying to keep up with motherly and home duties, I havent the time. So this is it. I hope you can bear with me though.
Alot of changes are on the horizon for .