Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Valencia, and now home once again

Tim has traveled alot due to his work and I, coming from a let's just say, colorful background, find it difficult being alone. So my two month stay in Spain was great, I got to be in a small setting with many loud, interesting, and overall great bunch of people. Yes, I am talking about my cool family. ;D
Now I'm home in a less sweaty atmosphere in a large house, with breathtaking views from every window. From last year's experience, I know our awesome summer house is going to turn into an icebox in a matter of weeks, so I will be enjoying every last minute of sunshine, and be friendly to the nice town folk, as we will be looking for a new home once again.
Fingers crossed that we will find a WARM, toasty house, in close proximity to Travis' school and public transport.
Till then, ciao!!

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