Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas comes but once a year
Oli and his child
Lylee and Becca on sugar high
Daddy pays the bills
And you like it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve Photos

Carol singing
Its a no -no
We are like this--my brother dave and I.
Becca and Lylee
The brothers, angelo and daniel

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 20th

My first week or so in Italy has been ... fun. I sprained my foot and it was a right pain to get about but I managed to get along with a pair of moccasins and three inch thick socks. The people here in the home are all so sweet and tender. The weather... well its pretty cold. Needless to say, the food makes up for the cold. We went out one night (Angelo, Tim, the parents and I) for a cozy family meal. There was a wedding so the people weren't exactly quiet and were checking out the people from the other tables, singing, hollering, flirting etc,. I ordered a cheap pizza which turned out to be about as big as the table itself. I couldn't get over that. Tim ordered a bistek which I was in ecstasy over.

Mom asked for pics so here they are. Ive been way too busy to do it but managed. I was trying to think of what seemed a good occasion for photos so I took my cam out today and heres what I got.
Stall setup at the commercial center
Inspiration at night

Oli and Tim

And that is it. Tim and I have a room that was formerly an office. Since it's cold we don't mind it being small. It's certainly vedy nice and cozy.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

In Italy.

December sixth we started our thirty-six hour journey to Pisa. The flight was almost too easy. Tim didn't believe me when I told him how unlucky I was when it comes to traveling until a guard pulled me aside ''Ma'am we're going to have to check your baggage''. We were late but he still leafed through every page in every book in my bag. ''So you study XTML?'' ''No, that belongs to my boyfriend'', I said gesturing to Tim. Besides that very special check, we was doin juz fine. We traveled first class and our luggage was not mis-handled.

Praise you Jesus.

So we arrived at Rome at seven AM. We changed into jeans and T-shirts and spent the following eight hours waiting for, and catching trains. A minute away from Pontedera the train stopped. I started laughin cause it was just too perfect. A few minutes passed, then an hour, then two... We tried opening up the doors joking that we could hitch hike back.

But we're here, and that's all that matters. Below are photos of the trip.

Enjoying first classThe view above Washington
Almost there
Enjoying break fast
..with champagne
Spending the last few hourse of ''Our adventure'' getting stuck on that blasted train....
damn the devil.

Tim was good for a laugh.

We're happy to be here. So yes, that was the gist of it. Christmas season is in full swing so I won't be able to post much up. I might post some photos --Merry Christmas family and y'all!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Two more days...

Tims 24th birthdayBoys talk about sharks and Tims dumb blonde comments.

Angelo (Tims brother) is doing a little better. He is living by the hospital, as every day he gets his blood filtered. He might need a kidney transplant. I don't know the latest but we will be seeing him in a few days and let you know then how hes doing. Thank you all, whoever is praying for him. I miss all you guys at Corazones and yes you have been like family to me for the time I was there. And I hope to see you soon.