Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby's first night out

Uncle David

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yet more baby pics
just "chilling and freaking out''
His smoldering 'the sun is in my eyes' look

His smirk, he does this while hes sleeping when I talk to him.

His daddy pout
My pooch is growing so much every day. His personality is becoming more interesting His facial expressions keep changing, and his sleeping hours seem to be getting less.... or so it seems its just at night. With him I find any type of recreational activity (such as sleep) a luxury but hes such an angel and I still haven't gotten over the magic of it all.

Righty then, Ill be getting some sleep now, Ill regret not getting it later..

Ill be posting some baby bath photos soon.
ciao amigos

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Baby Pics

Its late and my baby is wide awake. Things are slowly coming along, my incision is healing, the baby is getting somewhat of a schedule He's actually a very peaceful baby....most the time like during the day.
Here are more pics
yep he is rather small
loves his mobile

Righty then, love to all and thank you for your prayers.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Angel

The baby is very calm, the only downside is he keeps us up all night. We got him checked up today and all is well, hes gaining more weight which is good as he was a tad underweight when born. I think Ive taken my good health for granted, Ive never been the one to get sick so often. Now the smallest functions seem hard. When you become dependent on someone else it makes you thankful for the little things. Timmy's helping me alot for which Im grateful.

Thank you everyone who have been praying for me, the baby us...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Travis Francesco.

At 9.01 10/10/2008 Travis Francesco was born. I cant help but marvel at what Ive helped create. To me my son is the most beautiful baby, Im sure all moms feel the same way about their babies but I cant stop looking at my baby and thanking God for choosing me worthy of this gift.

Here are some photos of his first hours.

Looking like his daddy

Those were just a few photos of the first moments, I will post more up as time permits. Below is the c-section birth story. Its a bit gory so dont scroll down if you would prefer to not read it.

I didn’t think Ide need a C section but the night we prayed the baby would move down right away if it was his will and I got a peace that everything whatever would happen He was in control.

I arrived at the hospital at seven AM, After waiting for an hour for the doctors or nurses to arrive at the hospital, they finally showed saying we were late. For some reason I thought that we would have to settle some paper work first but instead got told to strip. They did the pre prep, poked around to find the blood. Just to make sure he hadn’t moved down last minute we checked the baby on the ultrasound, and no, he hadnt changed position. I had mentally prepared myself for at least Timmy to be with me during the caesarean but found out last minute that they don’t do that in Italy. I got all emotional then quickly steeled myself for this, it couldnt be too bad. The spinal wasn’t so bad, it just felt like a bee sting and soon my feet were feeling warm, the doctor started pulling on my skin and asking if I felt anything to which I answered yes, they started cutting pretty soon though and I felt pins and needles. For some reason could feel the cut, incision and the pull. As soon as they started the pulling, I started feeling pain. I tried breathing but soonfelt out of control.

The nurses say the same thing had happened to another nurse, her body rejected the anaesthesia as her muscles were tense. I personally believe its because they started the incision too early before the anaesthesia had much effect. I was told I handled it well at all even though I can remember screaming inbetween breaths, all the while thinking, ‘calm down Chris this must be how childbirth feels'. In a way I’m happy Tim didn’t have to see me lose it. They told me to breathe into the oxygen mask. The next thing I remember was the baby being brought to me, he was looking at me so grumpy and offended. I started crying then passed out again. I woke up later to find myself in a sort of in a hallway with doctors passing through, Right away I asked the nurse to see my baby, they told me he was downstairs being cleaned and just to wait.

After awhile I was wheeled out and taken down to my room where Timmy brought the baby. He was so calm, the nurses said I couldn’t breastfeed him until they got results for some blood tests.They said I didn’t get blood tested for hepatitis B or something, which was dumb as Ide be yellow if I had it, anyhow they would get the results at six and by then it would be too late. Screw that, I was going to feed him anyway so I had Joy help me hold his head, while I used one hand to breast feed. I was hooked up every which place so it was super hard. Every time a nurse came in I would have to hide his head and that would leave me back at square one. He finally managed to latch on for which I was thankful. As after that he slept on and on.

The next few days of recuperation was.... well.. another story in itself. I am counting my blessings as I saw others that are worse off then I am. I can walk around and take care of my baby. The end goal is the baby and he is healthy and happy

so PTLL....

Please continue to pray for my recovery. Will post more pics.

Monday, October 06, 2008

In sickness and in health

As promised some photos of our unofficial official wedding .

The mayor
The babywho had a hard time keeping out of pictures
The signing of the book
Timmy making sure he got it right
Ahh Ragazzi ...Hi 5

So here goes the ring on me, it was a a tad big
And then the ring on him
supposed to kiss, but the camera woman didnt catch it right away hence the awkward photos
and the laughing faces
The mayor kept popping in our photos.....just watch
why hello

What you dont see is that these flowers had the staining kind of pollen which happened to stain most the faces that went near it, more on that later.
Anyhue, that sums up some of the wedding day.
It was quite fun actually.

About the baby, I have 3 days left for the baby to move down before the scheduled c cection, Maybe next time I post itll be with photos of the baby. Keep it in your prayers. Ciao till then

Friday, October 03, 2008

Wedding and other news

Tim and I got married. Within the next few days I shall try to find the time in my busy life to post the photos of the 9 month PG bride and happy groom.

It was a very special day indeed. I sort of romanticized this day but never thought it would ever happen or turn out the way it did. We traveled about three hours out to get to this mountain town. Everybody knew everybody so the whole town basically knew what was going on and were congratulating us. The mayor who knew Tim from years before was super friendly and helpful. The guy looked regal but was pretty chill and ended up running around photocopying papers and working on all the legalities for me, I felt like such a princess. Oh yes, and the both of us were sick for our wedding, so it was nice to come home to a surprise meal prepared by Joy and Angelo...that was really sweet of you guys.

Anyhow I'm waiting for my family to come to this side of the world sometime early next year to have our official wedding celebration and partay, well see how that works out.

In other news my baby is still in his head up position. I have a scheduled c cection for the tenth of October. I was psyched up for a natural childbirth, have tried preparing myself mentally and physically for the day, I practiced all those breathing technique and envisioned what would be the perfect childbirth. all that to say I was more then mildly disappointed that it may come to this. I still really dont think I need the C and that my baby has time but in any case, its in His hands.

We are also thinking of names.... All the Italians ask what name well give him. I like the name Anthony but I dont like the Italian version of the name. Timmys first okay idea was Owen Francesco, now Its Travis Francesco. Im thinking Ill wait to see how he looks like
Okay I have to go for a checkup. This next week is full of tests and the not fun stuff. Please continue to pray for the baby to move.

Ciao Ragazzi.