Thursday, January 17, 2008


About fifteen people from the area came over to the home to do shooting (not as in killing) for the music video ''Never'' . It was also time to leave and let the home for a wee bit so we stayed at a house of a friend up in the mountains. The house was cozy, away from civilization, internet connection, phone connection etc.. and well we got to finally recuperate from Christmas push, and get in touch with nature and read word, etc. Its also been awhile since Ive been online but here are some shots of where we wereThis is the house we stayed at.

We went to some hotsprings. walked the ghost towns ..(Melodyand Tim)

made friends


And had a pretty swell time. Things are changing but we know that Jesus never changes. PTL! Will keep you updated.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


My brother came to visit bringing with him Aurora and Alessio. It was cool to see the little guy, he looks just like David when he was little, hes practically identical. Here are some of the shots of the fatso