Monday, March 10, 2008

Heppy Berfday!!

So yesterday was my birthday. I was sick but it was a happy day nonetheless. I got gifts from almost everyone. I feel blessed to live with each one of you


yay, wishes wishes
Muchos besos y un abrazo fuerte to all those who made my birthday special.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Had a rather busy and exhausting month, which means that I had just about zero time to spend at the keys. So, now that I finally have the opportunity to sit here for more than a handful of minutes, I have to decide whether to catch up on unread letters or try to write something. Problem is, after a killer week singing, I’m too tired to do either. No loss for youse guys, as I don’t have a single readworthy thought in my cruller at the moment.
Have you ever just wanted to press Yes to ''Delete this Blog'' Button. Well I have, and I might, maybe to start somewhere new.

Some happenings have been that we threw together a little singing team. It turned out quite nice considering we had never sung together and now we got a new fundraising method (which beats going all day to sell a calendar). On short notice we had to prepare for a cowboy show for some motorbike festival, we had about two days notice to somehow come up with an hour show and film a demo.

Brings back memories of the good ol- days.

Anyhow I apologize for not keeping up with this. I will try though the offensive planning and work has prevented me from spending any time here and will likely do so for the next couple of weeks though I will try to upload some photos and fill you in on the important stuff.

Play nice.