Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Velly Own Brog

FINALLY, we have a nice Saturday in the Toscana. Right now, it is sunny and warm, with low humidity. It seems we went from too much wind, to too much rain, to too much heat way too fast. But, I should stop ---ing and enjoy the day.

Before I head across town to spend the day with good friends chillin- and drinking copious amounts of vodka with seltzer (with big pieces of lemon) - this spring’s drink of choice –I want to call your attention to some news, This may have gone viral by now, but in case you haven't seen it, or heard of it..... Yes, its true...I'm something like, almost three months pregnant. So fork the drinks, Tim and I expecting a Libra, A BABAY! For some that might be news. Im hoping for a girl, Tim a boy. Tim wants to name the tyke Tocmaster but I get to choose the name if its a girl so weve settled that.

Here are some recent pics. Enjoy.

That is all...

Till next time