Monday, May 19, 2008

Puppet Fever

We performed a puppet show/animation (as the Italians call it) for a Benefit/fund raiser for ''the friends of the children'' the other day. Last minute, I was told I was the assigned photographer, face painter and ballooner. As most last plans go, several things went wrong. My battery was out most the day, but I still managed to get enough shots.

We didn't expect many kids to show up as it was raining all morning. It turned out well enough though. As soon as we set up the puppet show, the sun came out as did the kids. We also received a large donation, we werent expecting that. Thank the lord.
Below are the photos.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


So we've been in Massa avoiding what we thought might have been German measles. Which turned out to be the Fifth Disease-Something Ive never heard of, but can also dangerous to the fetus. We stayed at a friends house up in the mountain for about a month where we did a couple fairs and tried to keep ourselves as busy as possible to pass the time.
I finally got checked a couple weeks ago and was told I was four months pregnant. The baby seems to be growing fast and well for his age. It also looks like hes a he. He seemed to be annoyed cause he was moving his arms franticly while the doctor was pushing around the device to check the sex. So far Tim as you can guess was quite happy. Just pray he can come up with a more agreeable name then Omar or Tocmaster. So that is that. Sorry for the lack of posting. Will try to keep stuff updated,.