Wednesday, August 27, 2008

About the baby

I got checked last week again and the doctors say the baby still is in the breech position and needs to go down......''or else''. Ive heard how the doctors here will use any excuse to give a ceasarian. And this doctor keeps mentioning how a ceasarian might be necessary. So Im a little bugged with that. Besides that, I am perfectly healthy and am not anemic and the baby seems perfectly fine. please pray that the baby will cooperate and get down there. Thanks a ton!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby update

It seems things are working out with the checkups and all. So far, its been a royal pain trying to get legal work sorted out before I can get medically covered.. So we 'went by faith' to Volterra and it turns out that I can have my baby there.

We are just so thrilled that the baby looked perfectly healthy according to the U/S tech. Heart rate is good, and he is measuring exactly to the day, which he was too at the first scan. The doctors dont get business that often so when they finally get some work they really go the extra mile. Unlike the first time when I saw the babe on the ultra sound, this time they took about two hours measuring the brain, all four chambers of the heart, the stomach, bowel, kidneys, eyes, nose, all 10 fingers and toes and of course, the baby sucking his little thumb....awww....

Little Junior was cooperating and I think even posing, as I must say, the ultrasound view was one of the best I’ve seen (yes, a proud mamma already!)

We are so, so in love….

And now, let the redecorating, changing rooms and shopping begin!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Glowing Summer Love

Ive heard so much about summer pregnancies. I would tell people I was due early October and hear so much of the "oh boy your gonna have one rough summer". I was just like, oh great! I sort of shrugged it off, thinking I could somehow pass all those trials well. For those of you out there who have been patient, glowing pillars of motherhood during the tail end of your pregnancies (Id'e like to know what drugs you were on) I hope I can retain some of your glowing aura through it all. ''Everything in perspective'' is my mantra for these coming last months of pregnancy. I know this is but a small sacrifice for the baby

Anyhow heres a recap whats happened this past month.
  1. Ive stopped doing fairs. I have been doing fairs and animations etc, but as the seventh month of pregnancy came I decided to take a break doing that.
  2. Timmy, Dave and David Studio are starting a band
  3. We've had alot visitors as well so the home front is super busy. Its nice having people over....

Here are some shots taken yesterday.

Part of our house
band practice
Kaia and my favorite cutey
Timmy still playing late into the night
-Ambra has a beautiful voice and Ill miss her alot. Was great to have you over.
Simone, Paul and Paulo Alelujah
And finally heres one of us, (me; seven months and makeupless) Praying for everyone. My family and all., Sorry for not updating in awhile. Promise to change.