Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Time

This weekend starts the beginning of the festive season, Ive been thinking recently how this year holds a very different Christmas for me. I'm usually on OR, fundraising, or performing, etc... Christmas pushes gets crazy, not sure how and why, but they do. A couple years ago I've had some difficulty getting into the spirit of Christmas. Now that I think about it, when I say a couple years ago I guess I mean my whole adult slash teen life I've struggled with this and I've wondered why. Maybe you have the same difficulty. Even mentioning the phrase "the spirit of Christmas" would raise a few issues for me. I guess it was just the stress of it all. Of course in the end I have to say the souls saved made it worth the colds, coughs and lack of sleep. Things actually happen during Christmas time and though stressful its been exciting.

For the first time Im wondering where my place is in all of this, especially in light of our first Christmas in the offensive. I'm almost happy for a little break but I will miss the soul saving and the outreach. In any case, I'm super happy with our little one, Hes growing up so much and Im just enjoying watching it happen. We also have a lot of sheep over at our house, so there will be plenty of witnessing to do. Also the baby is quite the flirt with the ladies and smiles at the sheep

Travis is changing so much every day. He only wakes up two to three times a night and goes straight back to sleep. Hes quite ahead of his age as far as his mental alertness and strength. From the time he was two weeks old he would hold his head up for long periods of time. Now you cant leave him alone on the diaper changer or hell push his way over the edge. dangerous fella

Here are a couple photos of the cutie.
I just like his fingers in this oneHere Im pitching my voice really high. We found out that he smiles every time someone uses a high pitch voice. here hes a bit tired and sluggish, hence the weird faces.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Space for All

Its been awhile since Ive had a nice room. Ive never been super picky with rooms and changing them so long as I have a decent roomies that liked to keep the room looking fairly decent and neat. In my last home Ive changed rooms about every month. While that was nice and all, having a baby requires a little more stability. Since we've moved here we didn't know if we were going to stay or not so we didn't do that many room changes. As soon as I got pregnant we decided that some things had to change. Though the room we were in was spacious, it had its cons, the first being that we didnt really have walls.

There was (still is)nt much privacy as the wall sized window is adjacent to the kitchen and all of upstairs etc. As far as noise the kitchen is...well right through the door and here in Italy everything happens in the kitchen so we are the first to hear it start and the last to hear it end. After living in a room like this for almost a year handy Tim decided it was time to fill the space between the kitchen and our cupboard in our room with lots of forsake all clothes, fibre glass, rubber erasers, basically anything to block out the noise. It worked and our room is noise free.
If only we had thought of it sooner

the new cupboard

Someone had asked me to upload some photos of the house, so I took a little hike with the baby carrier and took a few shots. Yes we have a lot to be thankful for.

1 month

Travis is now a month old. Ive been getting him on a feeding schedule and that has really helped him (and me) get more sleep.
Hes also caught a cold I think the reason being that our room is warm and the rest of the house is extremely cold.

Hes doing a bit better now thank God. Please keep him in your prayers

Im going to catch up on some sleep now.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Getting back

I'm not exactly clear on when we're supposed to be able to get it "together." As of late, I've lacked any sense of motivation to get out of milk stained bras and t-shirts, and back into "life" - whatever that is these days. I'm still floating in that weird space where I'm pretty close to being immediately post-partum, but far enough from it that I should be inching back in the saddle again, not necessarily because I have someone or something telling me to get with it, but because there are deadlines looming over me. Exciting deadlines. But deadlines just the same.
The baby has been getting fussier, hes now three weeks and I hope its ''just a phase''. Heh.I'm going through a bit of a rough patch as far as sleep goes, but I'm sure Ill be out of it pretty soon ('out of it' in the good sense)
Send a quick prayer this way if you can... gracias