Sunday, December 28, 2008

My sick Baby and I.

Since having the baby, Ive been home (duh)alot. Between pulling out my hair trying to take care of the little and spending the bulk of the day alternately cleaning and nodding off I havent had time to make out a coherent thought much less blog about it. Nevertheless I will try to jot something down, it may not make much sense.

So Travis has been on and off again sick for the past couple days. Its been a bit hard as hes usually well behaved, some people think he might be getting early teeth since hes drooling alot, so the other night we scheduled a home outing but after a full day of taking care of a very fussy Travis, I decided to stay. After much coercion, Timmy s parents forced me to come. Not surprisingly, the dinner was an unqualified success. Adult beverages were consumed, leaving others slightly ragged around the edges today. I'm glad I went, it turned out to be fun night. The baby was fine and Ive been home much too long for my liking.

Below are photos of the night, Later I might post some of New Years Party

Half the home and it's active members
John explaining something to a confused Joy ''Capisci ?''

The baby ended up being okay and actually wasnt that whiny while out.
Tim and I
Nothing like Italian bistek
''Eliot'' and I..hahaha

Lana, Angelo and Egidio

My baby after a long day. So ends this most illuminating post

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Some pics from today
the piggie
Raph and Tim
Handsome Rafael of Vida and Jonny
The pile of our gifts
Travis adores his daddy
another father son pic, I have too many of these
My happy sleeping baby boy

A Mormon looking shot of us we took today
And a happy one
Merry Christmas, must nurse... will post more tommorow

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just a few more days

Haven't been many pics of me and my child lately.

So I finally managed to get someone to hold the camera and click, wasnt the greatest shot. As you can see this is the only one that I'm not smiling but also the only one that didn't come out a complete blur. The traditional card with both of us will come later when Timmy is home from the commercial centers, (and we have the time to enjoy it cause its all finally over).

More news is that Vida came over here. It's been great to finally meet her. Today we did our Christmas shopping together.... the whole deal, cramming the car with buggies, the classic nursing together, then ending up carrying our crying babies. Last year I would have never imagined me doing this. It was quite a feat and since I'm rather new to the whole baby shopping bonanza, (Ive always loathed shopping) I found it tough. But Vida was so cute saying she was so happy that she could do all the shopping and have someone drive her!! The things we take forgranted.

Anyhow was a fun mommys day, I should do that more often.

Righty then, Merry Christmas everyone. Just a few days and we can celebrate.
Ciao amigos

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seriously now..??

I am crabby. Here are but a few reasons why:

1.Timmy, Travis and I got sick with the flu so that was pretty ill timed, christmas push and all.

2. Travis is still ailing

3. Though Italy is alot of things, user friendly is not one of them. I had to stand in line just to get an appointment for a checkup, then later another line in order to get get a simple paper saying I can get checked. and then another line just to wait for the actual checkup..But..PTL.... Italy has its blessings. Italy has made me patient, Italy has made me ''Bella''. More importantly, Italy has made me a mother.

Speaking of mother, Ive got my first mothers checkup, or should I say first checkup after the birth. As much as Ive had my fair share of invasive checkups during the pregnancy and all, this one seriously took the cake. (WARNING.. Not for sensitive readers)

There was a new doctor, he seemed pretty normal untill it came time to do his work in which he turned out to be Mister Bruto. Kept raising his voice with me and kept telling me not to close my legs when I really wasnt, maybe just cringing cause it was so friggin painful...''you gave birth it shouldnt hurt you,''

So I used some of my kickboxing moves on him and folded him up like a piece of lawn furniture.

No, I didn't. But I was sorely, sorely tempted. Only the presence of my mother in law stopped me, since I have been trying very hard as of late to curtail those behaviors which could possibly end me up in cellblock.

As we drove home, I got to thinking about my experience with Italian doctors, (That is, after I snapped out of a twenty minute trance during which I replayed my fantasy version of How This Scene Would Have Gone in Christina's Perfect World, which culminated in me unveiling my true identity as the overseer of Pontedera Hospital and firing that cow on the spot, despite his tearfully pathetic groveling. No, I don't have an anger management problem.)

I dont know what it is but the Italian hospital system and italian doctors suck. Maybe its just Pontedera Hospital, but this is just a warning for those who want to have thier babies here.

Ahem so... you didnt have to read all this, its just fresh in my thoughts. any how, on with my happy posting of pics..

Timmy building stairs for the studio, after this he got really ill
Timmy and Travis catching up on lost sleep (travis dreaming of mommy's boobies)

Tra being goofy with Lyll

Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Timmy!!

While true love is everlasting and all that, it’s first glimpse is truly shallow. I saw a picture of this man over 4 years ago, and wondered what it would be like to live with him. I never expected that in a few years I would be married to him and mother his baby. Everybody probably thinks this about this about their husbands,wives,girlfriends boyfriends, but I think my husband is handsome inside and out.

I just have to say that whatever good deed it was I did to merit such a wonderful guy; it must have been so great. My wish is that my kid to find someone that is perfect for him, like Timmy is perfect for me. Take note, I did not say he’s perfect. I just said he’s perfect for me. That is a bit of a difference. He is generous to a fault, he makes me laugh harder than anybody I've ever known, and he takes care of me. He still thinks he got lucky when he got me. I think it's the other way around, but I won't argue with him.

And since he reads this blog faithfully, let me just say, "Happy birthday babey!"

I just want you to know that I couldn't do this without you. You are the one person in this life that I can depend on. Thank you for taking care of me in so many ways.
Weve been together for two of your birthdays... what a lot weve been through in such a short time.
May this year be the best one yet....
As always Im posting a few shots of junior, hes getting cuter as the days go by.

and fatter