Saturday, February 28, 2009

Travis the charmer

Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Timmy

Everyone says that Travis looks just like his daddy did.

Well... almost.

And heres the famous travis and daddy lookalike shot.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I wasnt there, but here are some photos taken at the carnaval which our whole home participated in and\or organized. So now, after a week under hairpulling prep, the living room being alive with the annoying sound of the High School Musical, the bedrooms abuzz with seamstresses inventing new costumes, people learning to walk on stilts and pirates having invaded our house, its all over.its over.

Below are some of the pics I didnt have permission to publish but hey...

Kaia on stilts with LannaPaul, (a convincing pirate)
Timmy had an idea of making a pirate face out of a mask and some styrofoam and sticking it on a tripod as a hit/the-face-with-a-ball game. It turned out to be a favorite for the kids
Chloe, Joy the witch, and VeroA happy face
The Highschool Musical
Stefano as Emcee.
Timmy as DJ
Lanna, Lylee, and Daniel doing the Baby dance.

Pirate game
Gipsy as a fairy
I shall post something else later. Goodnight everyone

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since I havent had a 'Me' post in a long time

So Facebook has the ''25 things about myself.'' and though normally I dont usually have time for these things..

1. With coffee I rule the world.

2. I love travel and havent stayed in one country for more then two years

3. I took ballet, hip hop, belly dancing, hindi dancing, basically every kind of dance class and I could say I suck at them all . But there's a bit of false modesty in that, I think.

4. Since having Travis, Ive worked out an average of 1 and a half times a week.

5. I haven’t seen my family for five years. I love them but wouldn’t want to live with them

6. I took aspirin maybe 2 times in my life.

7. I appreciate my privacy.

8. I used to have more guy friends then girl friends

9. Not that I don’t have a huge feminine streak but for the most part I don’t idle chit chat about makeup, boob jobs, who’s fat and who’s skinny. I do however keep an interest in people and their lives but prefer for people to not probe into mine too much

10. I’ve always hated taking care of kids (still do.) but I love taking care of my own kid.

11. My tastes have been exceptionally altered since having a kid. Example, I now don’t like cooked foods so much. I don’t crave coffee (obvious ). I no longer like hard alcohol, I love beer

12. Never took painkillers, antibiotics. (with the exception of during my C section)

13. Derive my inspiration off artists, athletes, musicians, etc..

14. I will probably always see people for more than they are

15. Was once punched by a man with a stump for an arm

16. Have the gift of attracting weirdoes and psycho paths. That may explain the above.

17. I’m attracted to friendly unassuming people. not the in your face people, drama queens

18. I’ve always been the Jew of my family when it came to saving.. I guess its my karma as I’m with someone that believe money is meant for spending lavishly.

19. Like bald, or blonde babies.. (everything that my baby is)

20. Think musicals are cheesy, I don’t like romantic comedies either. Prefer dramas, or even documentaries to dorky teen movies.

21. I’m a closet romantic with big expectations of my boyfriend, etc.

22 I am with someone who is my best friend.

23. Am spiritual but I don’t like to over spiritualize tragedy such as death, and I don’t like the saying ‘’well they were out of it, they deserved it’’ .

24. Have a colourful wardrobe that I haven’t worn in a while.

25. I am meditating on the meaning of 25 Random Things about Me.

What keeps me from spending time on facebook

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tra's duck.

I was just thinking how sometimes kids like to play with toys that resemble themselves. Example: My brother who resembled a piglet when little (in his defense the piglet was cute) seemed to always be carrying a piglet in his baby photos. Travis like his daddy who looked like a duck when he was little, prefers his ducky over all his other cuddlies.