Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We went to Sansepolcro for a week to visit some friends and do Follow up. It was one of the better trips Ive been on, Ive uploaded alot of photos on Facebook as its faster to do it there. But Ill post a couple here, the trip was good, alot of fun to be out of the house and Travis loved being out in nature.

Among the happenings of the trip, Timmy was going out to a party and happened to find 250 euros in the parking lot. Hes super lucky when it comes to finding or winning money.

Here are some photos of the place and as you can see alot of Travis...not many of me as usual Im behind the camera

The area of one of our friends we visited

Melody and Travis

The backyard

Travis as always super happy to be traveling

tra being an angel while sleeping
For some reason all we could catch of the cat was his tail

One more Father Son photo to add to the collection
At our friends guitar workshop.
Timmy serenading Tra

Tra and Melody again

tra and Mouly at a restaurant

Tra tired after a long day

Friday, March 20, 2009

I’ve been watching, listening and reading the news.

I am also mothering a whiny teething baby that has kept me up most the night, and, because of that, I am very bad company at the moment. I also realize that it is impossible to blog when the monitor is fogged from steam coming out of one’s ears. I thought a little diversion from troubles of the day is in order.
Heres something I came across, another youtube phenomenem which has gotten over 11 million views..

Caution: The video is not politically correct, it isn’t PG rated, and it absolutely makes fun of Indian song and dance. But it is hilarious.


Other news is that well be going to Sansepolcro for a week for Follow Up.

I am just praying that Travis feels better, he is usually happy when we travel so keep that in your prayers.

Till next time

Friday, March 13, 2009

Five months old

Again Im back with more photos of the poopsikins. Travis is now five months. He can crawl backwards and scoot himself sideways and over. So here are so of the photos where I caught him in his rare moments where hes calm and somewhat subdued.

Ill be posting some photos of the benefit dinner when I get the photos

Monday, March 02, 2009


Sorry for not posting but like I said - it's been a BUSY week... Oh and its also my birthday..... just in case any of you forgot. Ill post some party photos (when and if I have the party. ;-P

Well here are a few snapshots of interesting faces. Timmy will kill me for posting these so take a gander while you can. Ill have to take it down soon,

Timmy with his ear to ear smile.
Okay and this photo tra and timmy are making the oddest faces... I thought it was cute.

Last night we had a benefit dinner, it hadnt turned out as good as I had hoped but it was alright, everyone loved Travis, Ill be posting photos of those as soon as I have the time.

Ciao Amigos