Monday, August 31, 2009

Travis rockin it with his daddy

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Almost every baby I know of has fallen off the bed at some point. I would pride myself for never letting that happen, thinking ''Gosh, those irresponsible mothers'' sure ten months old, Travis fell off the bed for the first time. I turned my back for two seconds to shut the curtains, by the time I turned around he had lunged himself over. Of course I didn't get there in time. My only only consolation was that we have a very low bed so besides a bruise and mark that lasted a few days due to the irregular floor pattern, he was alright. It still freaked the hell out of me and struck a blow to my SR clean record of no bumps for Travis.

Here are pics, you can see his first ouchie....

And no, Travis does not own a pink stroller, its just such a joy for him to be driven around, didnt have the heart to take him out.

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