Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Sunday and Other Fun stuff

I uploaded the wrong video here, heh!

Daniel, Claire and Arthur

Looking very happy
Travis and Evyln, both the same age
John and Joy
Mike and Dyllan will be leaving us to go to the States, we are sure going to miss these guys, or whatever they are trying to be here. The home will be just a liiittle bit boring without them.
Flabio...Peter and Rachels youngest

So life has been good as we have managed to make it. Timmy no longer is going to the states which I'm secretly very thankful for. We still don't know what we are going to do, or where we are going to go but thats what is supposed to make change so exiting, according to Tim. I'll be posting some more videos when I can get around to it. TTFN (been watching tigger much=)