Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Prep

I'm a total sucker for Christmas time.  I do so love Christmas! Maybe it's cause I've spent many Christmases in hot third world countries, where I felt virtually no Christmas spirit. So now that I'm back in whimsical Italy where the streets get decorated, where it gets cold outside and stays toasty inside.....I don't know, it's virtually impossible to not feel festive and decorate a month early.  

Clearly Travis is a Christmas enthusiast like me. Here he is breaking out in song as soon as we started decorating the tree. 

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Making life easier

I have had to press the delete button to a lot of drafts lately. The one reason is that when I feel the urge to write it's usually about something that bothers me, or that somebody who happens to make my blood boil. As women, we tend to be very repressed, we don't want to be labeled crazy, so we repress our anger, sadness or frustrations-  It's no wonder we become that angst y, passive aggressive person that puts smiley face after every reprimanding letter, just to take the edge off the swing. We close our mouths and finally blow up and get downright bitchy.

~ nuff said

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, October 07, 2011

Beautiful Tuscany

Who says work can't be enjoyable? These are some photos taken of Tim's last tour. Totally amazing! I wouldn't mind having a job like his.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Country life

Living in this town just keeps getting better. The old (and young) still stare, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. The priest has stopped trying to convert me. Travis is on a first name basis with about every mommy, daddy and child on the block.

But there are elements that make living in a small town ..... slightly tedious.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Hefty Child

Nothing boils my blood more then seeing my son get pushed around by bigger stronger children. I feel it is the parent's place to correct their bullying children. I am a non-confrontational person but I will snap if someone lays a hand on my child.

.. So there is this ''hefty'' older girl (PURE evil) who has a habit of punching travis when she thinks I am not looking. Travis happens to like her, heavens knows why. He takes her bullying as a game, and even hits her back playfully. Today I realized she kind of likes him too, and the way she shows her love is by calling him names. The worst thing she could come up with was ''Sei un brutto scorpione''. I couldn't stop laughing at this girl projecting her wonderful qualities on my son....


Thursday, September 22, 2011

You can't go home again

Yesterday John (Tim's dad) thought it would be fun to see a huge house we used to live in. I have some bad memories and of course some great ones. After all that is where Travis was born, where he took his first steps, where we lived communally, and where my life took a drastic turn. There was always some kind of drama so life was never boring.

We aproached from the back. A chain was tied together with a rope (we didn't technically break in). As if on auto pilot I opened the back gate and let Travis run up the familiar sidewalk. He seemed to remember everything and ran straight to the front door.

Once inside the garden my paranoia started kicking in when I saw that someone must have been there recently, the grass was freshly cut, the windows were open, bottles lay around.

Monday, September 12, 2011

R.I.P Andy Whitfield

Very talented actor who should have gotten to do much more. Yet the Kardashians, Snooki and Lohan live to waste oxygen another day.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

So... news!

The garden is finally looking a bit decent-like. I got tired of the jungle back there, as well as the neighbors with their prim trees, perfectly manicured lawns and looks of scorn. No we are not vagabonds,, hello, really busy with lots of important things to do. After much waiting, we, (Tim and friends) chainsawed three rotten trees that were desperately trying to take the lives of the smaller trees and our house.
Behold: the in-between and after photos.
After we chopped down the trees and raked the ground of the weeds and piles of garbage

Aaand after much work, our unfinished garden is no longer an eyesore. Still, there are things to do, but at least Travis can play! So nice
Aww, and here is the cutest little turtle, we are still unsure of the sex but for now Travis calls the her-him Gilbert

Thank you and goodnight.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Sometimes I say stupid things, and I mean REALLY stupid things. I remember once when I was 11, while driving through San Fransisco streets, I stated observations about an obvious difference between Asia and America..
--the ''larger'' people. I felt a jab to my ribs, and my sister making frantic gestures at our driver whom I had't noticed was more then a ''little overweight''. I tried to fix up my mess by '' Theyre not THAT overweight, I'm sure if they worked out it wouldn't be a problem''. The more I talked the bigger the hole I dug for myself. The driver swerved, stepped on the breaks and stomped away from the car. My sister proceeded to kick me some more. I will always remember what an idiot I felt like, and how I made that poor girl feel. Moral of the story, when you don't know what to say, STFU! (Excuse the French)
We all have our opinions, which are sometimes better left unexpressed. If someone asks you your opinion, you are entitled to say what you think (and they are not entitled to get offended because they asked you.) But when you give unsolicited advice, or make negative observations about someone, in front of said are being rude plain and simple.
I hope I'm not being rude copying this article. It really struck a chord with me today.
From the
This is a HOW-TO top 10 List:
  1. INTERRUPT, interrupt, interrupt, constantly, always, interrupt, interrupt.
    Interrupt, INTERRUPT, interrupt. Interrupt, INterrrrupt.
    At times preface by saying: “I don’t mean to interrupt. . . . “
  2. Talk over. Really talk over. When you can’t interrupt talk over the other person. I mean, really. This one along with #1 are favorite of some choice Customer Service Centers, you call with an issue, they ask you to explain the problem and what happen, and then 10 seconds into a long story they interrupt telling you exactly the wrong thing and when you try to object they talk over you.
  3. Be condescending. Don’t you just love the Rudeness Trifecta of being interrupted, being talked over all with a condescending tone? Priceless.
  4. Change what you said before by telling the person in front of you, who was there, what happened (because they are too imbecile to understand by themselves). Say something like “You misunderstood” or, better “You’re wrong!” and then proceed with “Let me explain it to you, again, what I said was Yellow, not Red “ and/or “What I meant to say by Red was Blue”.
  5. Instead of saying “Thank you” for something that you have received, or for something nice that someone has done for you; try to find some faults with it: “Did you see this scratch?” It helps if you have a magnifying lens or, better a microscope. In absence of any of those, just find a scratch, anything has a scratch here and there, even if it has to be an imaginary scratch, and even if you yourself have to put a scratch on while nobody is looking.
  6. Always arrive late. And upon arrival go about business as usual, the later you are, the better. If the meeting or function has started without you, just announce “Don’t mind me, I’ll catch up”, then breathe, avoid asking any question, and make sure to use the Rudeness Trifecta to make bold statements, don’t mind that the topic has already been dealt, take control of the meeting and steer it toward your agenda, the goal is to prove the answer you already have in you. Always refer to #10.
    If it’s 2:30 and the meeting or function has not started because everyone was waiting for you, just casually say: Did we say 2 o’ clock or 3 o’clock? I think we said 3 o’clock, but since we are all here early let’s just start, shall we?
  7. Never truly apologize. Just use the “I’m sorry” as if it were a Monopoli’s Get out of jail Free card, the beauty is that you can use it over and over and over. No need to do anything else, you can continue to do what you did before, you did say “I’m sorry”. If called upon just use the Rudeness Trifecta and say “I did say that I was sorry” you can add “what else do you want me to say?” without waiting for an answer, continue to monopolize and steer the conversation where you want it to do, interrupt if need to do so. Do not fall into the trap of saying “what else do you want me to do?”. Never do anything when someone else can do it for you, it’s called delegation, and you can take the credit for being a good delegator (note #5), or blame the other person for not doing it correctly.
  8. Never commit to anything. Be as vague as you possibly can, just use the Rudeness Trifecta to establish authority. If called upon missed deadlines face-to-face see #9, if by phone of via email you have choices:
    • Do not pick up the phone call;
    • Pick up and say you are on the other line;
    • Pick up and say that you are busy in a meeting, or catching a flight, or having dinner with the Rockefellers or Bono, or make up a sad story;
    • “Let me look into it and I’ll get back to you”
    • “Call me back in a week if I haven’t gotten back to you by then”
    • If the call waiting beeps: “That’s another call, I have to go now”
    • “I never got the email, can you re-send it?”
    • “I am traveling to Bogota….” or “I’m about to have dinner with Bono and the Rockefellers” make sure that the bottom of the email says “Sent from my iPhone”. (Note, you can add “Sent from my iPhone” to any email sent from any computer, from home, office, gmail…..)
  9. When a discussion takes a turn that you don’t like, you have multiple options:
    • Start talking about something else completely unrelated.
    • While the other person is talking, just casually walk away from the room.
    • Make a phone call, start texting, check your emails.
    • Use the Rudeness Trifecta and say “Don’t speak to me with that tone of voice” or“Don’t talk to me that way” or keep repeating “You’re wrong . . . . I don’t think so . . . . “. If talking about business you can always say “Why don’t you go ask someone who knows” or – especially if talking about a function of their job - “You probably don’t know it.”
    • For Advanced Users Only: Pull the “Look over there”, as in “Look over there, the sun is out (or the clouds), can you believe that?” make use of the Rudeness Trifecta.
    • As a last resort you can start to cry, male or female, it works wonders; make sure other people notice the person who made you cry.
  10. Last, but not least: If confronted on any of the points above just proclaim “That’s Rude!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We moved to Lajatico about a month back. We found a cute, not so little house which I am pretty pleased with. Now that we are settled I am looking into getting my driver's liscence and get some things in order. Here are a few pictures of the place.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


I am in Perugia right now. It has been a busy month... there has been the traveling, the work, (or in my case the housewife work). I came up with Tim's parents while Tim stays somewhere in the mountains with some of his best buddies, recuperating from last month's non stop work.

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas season for all my friends and few family who don't have facebook. Merry belated Christmas and happy new year.

With Tim's mom, going on the mini metro downtown
Downtown Perugia...
There was pretty lousy weather so we holed up in a cute cafe for some hot chocolate. It was nice to actually see people and critique the ''colorful'' Italian fashion.
I have a new camera so there will be more photos posted and hopefully, if I have the time, more blogworthy posts.