Friday, September 30, 2011

The Hefty Child

Nothing boils my blood more then seeing my son get pushed around by bigger stronger children. I feel it is the parent's place to correct their bullying children. I am a non-confrontational person but I will snap if someone lays a hand on my child.

.. So there is this ''hefty'' older girl (PURE evil) who has a habit of punching travis when she thinks I am not looking. Travis happens to like her, heavens knows why. He takes her bullying as a game, and even hits her back playfully. Today I realized she kind of likes him too, and the way she shows her love is by calling him names. The worst thing she could come up with was ''Sei un brutto scorpione''. I couldn't stop laughing at this girl projecting her wonderful qualities on my son....


Thursday, September 22, 2011

You can't go home again

Yesterday John (Tim's dad) thought it would be fun to see a huge house we used to live in. I have some bad memories and of course some great ones. After all that is where Travis was born, where he took his first steps, where we lived communally, and where my life took a drastic turn. There was always some kind of drama so life was never boring.

We aproached from the back. A chain was tied together with a rope (we didn't technically break in). As if on auto pilot I opened the back gate and let Travis run up the familiar sidewalk. He seemed to remember everything and ran straight to the front door.

Once inside the garden my paranoia started kicking in when I saw that someone must have been there recently, the grass was freshly cut, the windows were open, bottles lay around.

Monday, September 12, 2011

R.I.P Andy Whitfield

Very talented actor who should have gotten to do much more. Yet the Kardashians, Snooki and Lohan live to waste oxygen another day.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

So... news!

The garden is finally looking a bit decent-like. I got tired of the jungle back there, as well as the neighbors with their prim trees, perfectly manicured lawns and looks of scorn. No we are not vagabonds,, hello, really busy with lots of important things to do. After much waiting, we, (Tim and friends) chainsawed three rotten trees that were desperately trying to take the lives of the smaller trees and our house.
Behold: the in-between and after photos.
After we chopped down the trees and raked the ground of the weeds and piles of garbage

Aaand after much work, our unfinished garden is no longer an eyesore. Still, there are things to do, but at least Travis can play! So nice
Aww, and here is the cutest little turtle, we are still unsure of the sex but for now Travis calls the her-him Gilbert

Thank you and goodnight.