Monday, June 03, 2013

My experience with Joy Vampires

Disclaimer; I discovered this draft  I wrote a few years ago, during a rough patch. I didn't publish cause it was too relevant to my life at the time. I find it pretty funny now. Enjoy!

Research shows that 2 percent of people are chronic negative thinkers... or as a friend coined... "joy vampires".

You know,  those people that walk in a room and suck out the energy and positivity, basically everything good that was once there, is forever gone when thier whiney baaaaad attitude. Yeesh! I bet you know someone who is a "joy vampire", and if you dont know one, chances are you probably are one. There are upsides to living with negative people. They keep you on edge, their criticism can help you from getting too comfortable with yourself. However, for those of you who have a hard time dealing with these tortured souls, Here are two lessons  I gleaned during my history of living with them.

1. Its good to realise that these people have reasons behind thier actions. Maybe they hate themselves.Maybe they are in a tough situation and have decided to bring it out on you.  Maybe they are suffering from EPS..eternal PMS, yes! My twelve year old self coined that back when  sarcastic uncle Funkle, could not let a single sentence slip out of his mouth that wasn't sarcastic.

''Wow, son! You really are smart, aren't you?''/ Frown.

2.  Watch out! Joy Vampires contaminate. Pretty soon you will be spewing hate filled rants like the one Im writing, 

Alan Turing

How is it I have never heard of this man till today?
He is the founder of the ideas behind the modern computer.  You would most likely not be enjoying your iphones, androids, macbooks, etc,. without his mathematical breakthroughs. His codebreaking invention saved many from nazis, who captured and/or killed people for being homosexual (as well as being in many other groups, obviously). Sadly, instead of gaining respect and honor for what he accomplished, the country he worked for repaid him by driving him to commit suicide because of his sexuality. Has the situation globally changed 60 years later? hopefully, well into the 21st century,  people can still draw a few lessons from the past
Tragic story indeed