Thursday, August 01, 2013


I've finally had the courage to start painting. It took awhile to get inspired. Maybe it was the changing of houses. However the inspiration came about, and whether or not I have an inkling of talent, doesn't matter. Drawing made me one hell of a happy kid. One major killer of inspiration, though, for me at least, is having a loud and critiquing audience. Don't get me wrong, I love socializing and getting feedback. Just not all the time.

Speaking of which, this got me into the rabbit hole that is known as Tedtalks.   I've steered clear from TEDtalks, mainly because of the kind of people who post them. You know, those know-it-all auntie panty types, that love sharing a good conspiracy theory article. I can't scroll down my facebook feed without seeing this same group of people posting the exact same pep talk. All it took was one fatal click, and I've been hooked. I can't. stop. watching. TEDtalks.

So I'm going back into my shell now. Here's to having an awesome summer!